A thought just occurred to me. Specifically, the reason why my generation seems so bent. Ladies and gentlemen, no one, born and raised in North America and part of Gen X got to see MacGyver or The Dukes of Hazard without first seeing this.


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I remember MacGuyver fairly well, and I sort of recall The Dukes of Hazzard, but I’ve never seen this. I understand how it could have warped the minds of those who did, though. (There was something I watched as a young teen which aired at such a time that I had to sit through the last few minutes of Hee-Haw *shudder* in order to claim the television for myself. Lawrence Welk cannot possibly be worse than that.)

    • Ha! Yes, I remember Hee-Haw and it was like the in-bread version of Lawrence Welk bubble extravaganza with many more banjos than accordions. If I recall correctly it came on before the A-Team or maybe Airwolf.

      Poopsticks …

      Actually, no, I need to keep that part of my life repressed in a dark and dusty, rarely accessed corner of my soul. No, I don’t recall Hee-Haw. What is this Hee-Haw you speak of and from which far away planet does it hale?

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