Post PT Report: Part Deux

Okay, okay, yeah now I can see some value in this. Went back to the PT this morning and low and behold most of the pain I had been feeling in my back has diminished. Also, what do you know? My Pelvis is now moving much more.

Today we went through many of the same motions as the first session. Electro stimulation, ultrasound, aided stretching, self stretching, ice. Today it took significantly less time to complete the whole battery. Today I walked out of their office keenly aware of other aches and pains that have probably been bothering me.

The PT is continuing to encourage active recovery. Lots of stretching, rest, and engaging my core. I’m hoping in the next week or so that I can integrate some specific core exercise. We’ll see, my tendency is to start too soon, hit anything too hard. So I’m going to continue to repeat his directions like a mantra. “Stretch some, engage your core, and rest.”

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