Your Life Will Never be the Same

This is just a friendly reminder that nothing stays the same. Nothing. Every day we reach milestones, sometimes these are markers of significance along the timelines of life, perhaps even they represent the culmination of lots of labor and love. Doesn’t matter. Tomorrow all that will change. Count on it.

I’m not a scientist, but there is a good chance I’m probably right. The only fate any of us can be sure of is change. So if I’m right (which I probably am) then what can you do? If you’re working hard to get a degree or deliver that project on time and under budget and ultimately it means nothing, what can you do? Should you give up? Throw in the towel? Join the circus (I could be the giant in training)? No!

Stop pretending that there is a destiny with your name on it. Just stop! Learn to make running averages. Sample the water carefully, knowing that it’s most likely sweet. Smell the roses. And if roses aren’t your thing then sniff around until you find the right flower for you.


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