Edits Are Off

This blog post is me celebrating the completion of guest blog post/anthology contribution which I just sent off to the editor. I’m still going to beat around the bush for a while because I haven’t been given permission to announce my inclusion on the project, but I will say that I’ve been super excited to be part of the effort and to be working with such a great editor.

I’ve decided that it’s important for me to somehow mark these little milestones. First, because when I get to the end of a project it feels like I should be congratulated. Writing is a solitary craft and thus there isn’t anyone to give you an “Atta Boy,” but yourself (pats-on-the-back and fair-spoken comments are welcome below). It’s also important to mark the completion of this project because it’s been a struggle for me to put my feelings down on the page. For this project, knowing that my audience is going to grow by an order of magnitude or two has been humbling. It makes me check and re-check my work, and there has been several points in this project development cycle where I’ve held onto the damn thing paralyzed with fear that people wouldn’t agree with my opinion.

This morning I woke up, took A-bear to the play area, and said “Screw that noise.” I was able to put all that self doubt and writing-specific anxiety in, if not the trash where it belongs, at least in a drawer where it didn’t bother me. A-bear has been performing toddler parkour stunts all morning, making friends, hasn’t gotten hurt, and will nap with a vengeance so I should probably claim that badge too. Life is good.


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