New House Update

Pepper has Moved In
Yes, there are still a handful of boxes that need to be rummaged through and the things found therein sorted and distributed. My list of projects to deal with is growing, not shrinking. But still this place is starting to feel a whole lot more like home than just another stopping place in life’s long journey. And Oh! let me tell you that is nice.

An interesting side note on all this. Last November I hurt my back. Since then I’ve been seeing a line of doctors and physical therapists trying to get better. This one small strain has pretty much impacted all the things I’d normally rather be doing. You know hiking, running, biking and kayaking. Going into the move in April I was terrified that I was going to re-injure or exacerbate this already difficult problem. The good news is that I’ve made it through that tunnel and can now see some light.

Being Fat on Island

Yesterday afternoon I got to take a spin on my Surly riding through the nature preserve just outside our house, down the hill, and onto the beach. The dog and I rode south along the East Passage until we got to a tide break that had water smacking into it’s side. The ride was fun, but, I realized as I cranked my way back up the hill, I am horribly out of shape.



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