Hugo Voting

“Insect Rider” – Rogier van der Beek (from DivArt cause I’m a junky)

Just in case you weren’t aware and haven’t already played your cards, this Friday is the last day to vote for this year’s Hugo. Add to this that it’s also Wes Chu‘s last chance to win a Campbell (which is NOT a Hugo) and the flames of motivation should be turned up to high under your collective bums. Time to get ‘er done.

If you’re like me and couldn’t make it through the entire reading list before the deadline there are plenty of good reviews online. Don’t feel too bad. With work stacking up on my desk, I had to choose to shelve a number of the contributions. It helped that I am adamantly opposed to slate voting of any kind. Maybe that’s not fair of me — that’s a matter of opinion I’m certain — but it’s equally “not fair” that quite a few of these works made it on the ballot in the first place. Needless to say, I feel little remorse having skipped over a few. If that makes you mad you’re welcome to call me a “bad sci-fi fan” or your choice of fun yet derogatory names. I have rhinoceros thick skin.

Thanks to Jim C. Hines for posting this excellent collection of links. Some very powerful tools available to the new and uninitiated Hugo voter.

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