As a person who has lost a great deal of his ability with a pen this touched me deeply. Even before my episode of seizures my penmanship was a dwindling affair. I spent endless hours behind a keyboard and almost no time using a stylus of any sort. Now with whatever went wrong in my brain my hands feel like paws when I try to apply ink to the page. I usually end up with a splitting headache and will likely only be able to read one in a handful of words. You should see my grocery lists, they’re a mess.

I’ve always had a very hard time with some basic grammar and spelling that most of the rest of the English-speaking world seems to understand as if they carried around stone tablets with the rules clearly laid out for them. While far from perfect, since I started writing professionally I’ve become better at this. That’s a good thing, hours spent behind the ideas improve my ability to express myself.

Honestly, I don’t much like to talk about this, but like I said this video made me think a good bit on skill and craftsmanship. These are things that I value a great deal, objective measures against which I know my successes and failures. It still amazes me when I encounter someone who sits down and writes a beautiful story with what seems from the outside little effort. But Weidmann must be correct, they only see the finished product, not the endless struggles at O’dark-thrity.


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