UPDATE: While this remains a really cool idea which has the potential to be a lot of fun for all involved I admit that it was a very last minute function. Turns out people have lives outside their writing and this weekend seems to be booked for just about everyone. That said, we’re going to stick a pin in this and save it for later.


Jim C. Hines just posted his WorldCon 2015 schedule; it looks a lot like mine. It turns out his schedule looks a lot like a lot of people’s. My off-hand joke, “Hey, who wants to do a reading from not-Sasquan?” is getting traction in the comments section, which is no joke.

Thus, to make it official, let me propose that those of us not going to Sasquan this year hold the first ever not-Sasquan online convention. Those of you at the actual convention are invited, but we understand if you’re too busy to join us.

Authors, who is up for some reading? We could do it Friday or Saturday evening via G+. I have no experience organizing such affairs, but I know people who do. You could be one of those folks.

I should also say that in no way is this idea meant to diminish the Hugo awards. Rather, it’s an alternative way to celebrate fandom. One that should be accessible to all of us even if we’re busy, lazy, and/or mildly horrified at that shenanigans surrounding the award this year.

Finally, may I interject a suggestion. I know we could get some big names to read for us, why not ask for donations we can funnel to a charity. Personally, I’d like to invoke the name of Jay Lake and point out that he routinely did gigs for the benefit of Freedom Dogs.


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