Bastet Medivac VTOL by orcbruto

Today’s inspiration is truly meant to inspire. Are you a graphic artists or designer? I’ve just spent an hour looking for a drone medevac or ambulance VTOL that isn’t built for the military industrial complex or completely covered in guns. This is the best I could do, and it’s not even a drone (see the cabin?).

So you’re skilled with some sort of stylus or pen and you need a challenge? Have I got one for you. Picture a scene where two paramedics are preparing a patient for a quick trip to the hospital. They’re bent over the patient and above them, perhaps through a wide-angle lens, we can follow cables up into a hovering ambulance. Perhaps there is a crowd of people walking past the incident on either side. It’s a city scene, it should be a busy place.

The sole purpose of the ambulance is to take hurt people to the hospital. It doesn’t shoot at enemy combatants. It doesn’t have a matt camouflage paint finish. And it doesn’t make people, living and working in urban environment, uncomfortable.

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