Solar Fox

NaNo adjustments are underway. This morning, instead of wasting time on a project that I’m becoming increasingly uninterested in, I shelved it and decided to reboot sports in space. I just outlined the first four chapters of a world wrapping solar car race.

The problem I’d been having previously with this story is that it lacked tension. THE BIG RED BUCKLE has external conflicts to the race that contribute significantly to the development of the story. So too, does UP SLOPE which pits scientists against political profiteers who control military levers back on Earth. But beyond things that could go wrong with the Solar Fox, the HPV-Solar hybrid I’ve imagined for a world wrapping race, I felt dependent on interpersonal conflicts within the team. This was limiting the buildup that’s necessary for telling a good story. So I shelved it.

This morning it occurred to me that I could toss all the words I’ve already written. I’ve already been contributing to my NaNo totals from a variety of projects, that word count is an amalgamation, so why not just add another to the list. Besides, I really want to write this and I’ve got a much better idea for building tension to a satisfying storytelling climax. Thus, outlining for  A DRY AND DUSTY HEART consumed my morning word total.

Consequently, I’m running a little behind. Now that I have a roadmap I should be able to make some relentless forward progress. Wish me luck!

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