Launch Party


In t-minus 45 minutes. Come join me, I’ll be giving away signed copies of books. You can get one too.


2 thoughts on “Launch Party

  1. I enjoyed the short sci-fi story in the galaxy chronicles but do not agree how gun control will help us. People are fearful of those who would kill us the same as those who were in San Bernardino and want to protect themselves from that danger. The authority that wants to protect you is there when the killing is done already. Nothing’s being done beforehand. Nobody is safe our hope can only come from God. I will read more of your writings though.

    • Randy, I’ll start by saying thanks for reading “Ser Pan Comido.” I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think I’d like to write some more about that group of characters and when readers reach out and tell me what they like it helps me focus my time.

      As far as gun control is concerned, we’ll just have to maintain a difference of opinion. Personally, I’m not a believer and consequently, I don’t put much stock in spiritual solutions to concrete problems. And that, rather nicely, sets the stage for me to say what I’d really rather see. Honestly, I’d love to see this nation grow up just a little; treat he other with kindness and curiosity instead of fear and suspicion. That doesn’t happen between people when there are guns involved. It can’t. How can you trust someone wielding a weapon? The weapon has a specific purpose, it’s a tool with a job.

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