Friday Fun Day

Rosie on the Beach
Rosie on the Beach

I’m having much difficulty digesting the idea that anyone, let alone a majority, would vote for Trump. For anything. But there it is, apparently some of you find something appealing about this two-bit flim-flam man that I just can’t see, and this has bothered me greatly all week long.

The good news is that I have outlets. I’ve written a fair amount. I’ve cleaned. I made some excellent udon. I’ve even finished re-mounting racks to my fat-bike and this morning I got out for an early season shake down ride. That was excellent! I had to turn back because of responsibilities, but man the sensation of knowing that I had everything I’d need to keep on turning the cranks for a long, long time was liberating.

Tonight I may settle down for a cuddle and a marathon session of Fire Fly with my honey. So there’s plenty to love. Plenty to be grateful for.

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