Hugo Noms pt 2: The Novellettes

Today I have moved on to Best Novellette nominating. Everyone who is eligible, do this today and help prevent a repeat of last year’s drama by making the voting pool bigger! Yes, yes let’s flush the sadness out of science fiction.

This is also a ham-handed reminder that my eligible novelette, “Ser Pan Comido” (9931 words) is eligible and available for free at the moment.

  • Ser Pan Comido,” Matthew Alan Thyer, Windrift Books (November 2015)”A determined trio of colonial cast offs are hell bent on getting out of the slums of La Merced. With the help of a superluminal starship pilot, they take on the Emperador’s powered halberdiers and privileged minions.”
  • The End of the War,” Django Weller, Asimov’s”War-weary robot commanders in deep space chat while trying to destroy each other!”

I’ll be updating this list as I make additional suggestions, but seriously, go nominate. Even if you chose not to nominate my work, you’re doing yourself and everyone else a favor.


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