Stop Killing People

Right now I can’t say much more than this — stop killing people. There is nothing glorious, nothing virtuous, nothing even noteworthy in a willful act of violence that robs someone of the rest of their days. It makes you a thief, it should make you a pariah. Murder is murder, regardless if it’s justified by some notion of self-defense, a government, or any of the very many reasons we use to excuse this easy and all too common behaviour. Taking a life is a sin against your own humanity.

It’s true, guns don’t kill people but inculcation in a culture of violence and easily available tools of this trade apparently raise the odds of murder significantly. Yet again I am outraged, spitting mad, two recent police killings are making the rounds and apparently people are arguing over minutiae. Whose life matters? They all do, so when one is lost stop pretending that yours is in jeopardy and at least show your remorse that someone else lost theirs. Someone’s son, someone’s father, someone’s friend is dead. “All lives matter” is a distraction, an insulting madness, that ignores just one face of the beast of a social order we’re all living with.



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