Patreon, An Update

Salutations friends! I just finished my Patreon campaign, and you guessed it, now the real work begins.

I’ve contracted with two different, very different artists, for two stories I’m going to use to launch this effort. Digital proofs are being worked on as I type. Then there are the stories themselves.

Currently, I’m 99% done with my next sports-in-space novel. Up Slope is jam packed with action, science, cool technology great characters all packed into an exotic location somewhere in this solar system.

VEX is a gritty war drama set in the distant future. How much humanity can you sacrifice in the name of preserving humankind? Written as a serial this story will begin to see the light of day sooner than later.

Apparently, we have a great deal in common because she is speaking many of my thoughts. At some point soon, I’ll be adding my own two cents to this mix in video format.

What do you write?

More thrill, more adventure, more compassion, more laughter — I am writing entertaining, compelling stories that could be called literary science fiction. Firefly meets The Stand. My influences are many, but I return to the works of Aldo Leopold, Jack London, Edward Abbey, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Paolo Bacigalupi when I need inspiration.

Patreon is going to work well for me because I love to write serialized stories. Currently, I have several stories broken into sequential installments, and I’m always developing more.

What do readers get?

All patrons get a story bundle, about one a month, as soon as they’re published. You’ll be able to choose your favorite e-reader format (Kindle, Nook, etc.). Each bundle will come with custom cover art from an array of independent artists who work with me to illustrate that month’s story. The $5+ patrons have access Patreon-only content that will include previews of works-in-progress, coupons for my online store, requests for beta-readers, special promotions, and early-access ordering for ebooks and hardcovers of my self-published fiction. At the $10+ patronage, you’ll also receive custom postcards, printed on 32pt LUXE stock along with everything previously mentioned. Make sure you check out all the rewards and patronage levels.



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