A Brief Review of Patreon

So far, so good. I launched my Patreon campaign six days ago and thanks to some heavy lifting from friends and family we’ve already beaten my first funding goal, and we’re quickly approaching the second.

When I started this I did not expect that people would be knocking down my door to get access, but I guess I also worried that people would just write me off — another artist casualty, a little guy swimming in an ocean too deep.

Apparently asking can make a world of difference. Since I began writing — “professionally” — back in 2013 I’ve been reluctant to ask. Ask for new readers. Ask for help promoting my works. Ask for advice about the direction I should be taking my business. Ask for lessons learned from others. And I didn’t ask because I feared being rejected.

I went into this experiment embracing my vulnerability. I asked, and a lot of people responded.

Recent Reviews


One of the big lessons I’m just beginning to come to grips with is that while vulnerability can lead to rejection, disappointment, and loss, it’s just as likely the easiest path to grace, growth, and clarity. I’m learning to trust in strangers, in the idea that most of us prefer to go through our lives closer to this state of being than that sad, sorry existence. At our hearts, we’re altruists, one and all.

There have been some very kind words and reviews coming my way. Even a minor uptick in sales of stories I’d previously published, and while we’re still a long way away from a living wage I’m doing a whole lot better than I would have if I’d never asked.

Next Steps

I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating. Right now, what I want, what I’m asking for more than anything else, is readers. And consequently, what I’m asking for is new readers. If you sign up to my Patreon between now and August 12th, for any amount, you’ll receive Big Red Buckle in the ebook format of your choosing. PatronButton

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers, but first find out for yourself.


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