Sisyphus and Social Media

By all accounts building a kingdom is no small task. If this is what you intend, you’ve got to start with a vision, some resources, some talent (not entirely yours unless you happen to be a demigod), and top all of this off with an unwavering obsession. Mind you these are just the prerequisites.

Sisyphus, the founder of ancient Ephyra, discovered along the way he’d also need endless patience, both with himself and with the world as a whole, because his kingdom and the Gods would punish him for his successes.

So it goes for me and my contemporaries in literature trying to carve out a piece of the pie for ourselves. I’m sitting across the table at the coffee shop from another writer. Nice guy, mostly works on television screenwriting, who I’m speculating is digesting a rejection letter. His brows are drawn tight together, toward one another, and his lips are as thin. He’s apparently dealing with some issue or let down, and like the consummate screenwriter he is, he’s also pounding away at the keys.

This is a part of the trade, isn’t it? I’ve been feeling the weight of my social media platform lately. Everything from Patreon to Facebook feels like a great stone that I’m forever pushing up a hill. Hill? Check that, shield volcano the breaks through the atmosphere of desolate Mars.

I find new readers one at a time, and in the meantime, I’ve got to continue to push all these different platforms forward and up the incline.


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