Science Fiction Harder

Why ponies? I have no idea, but that’s their theme.

Excitement! Early tomorrow morning I’ll be making my way to SeaTec for a flight to Detroit. It’s been too long, three years, since the last time I made my way to ConFusion.

I still don’t have a ride from the airport to the hotel, but unless someone volunteers I’ll likely just grab an Uber or Lyft. If you’re at the convention make sure to ask me for a giveaway code. I’ve just purchased 20 copies of The Doomsday Chronicles that I’ll be giving away while roaming the halls. I’ll also have a stack of Big Red Buckles to hand out.

2 thoughts on “Science Fiction Harder

  1. Are you the same Matthew Thyer that does ultrarunning? If so, how are you liking your Raidlight Ultraraid 30l pack now that you’ve owned it for a few months? I bought one just the other day. The fabric seems so lightweight that I’m starting to have concerns about durability. How is your pack holding up? How comfortable or not are you finding it? Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    1. The one and only. Thanks for asking Marcella. Last month Rocky Mountain Ultra sent me a pair of buckles that connect the 4l kangaroo pocket to the front of the 30l bag. Other than that brief pause in functionality the thing works very well. The fabric is lightweight, but it’s also strong. I’ve got another bag that’s made out of the same weight stuff and I’ve abused it for years. Still no tears or problems.

      The pack *is* comfortable. Cut and design are well thought out and executed. My only criticism is that with more weight a single lightweight stay might have been nice. A piece of foam will work for that.

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