Story Mode

I can’t take a picture of my new writing rig because it’s also my camera. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been making use of my Nexus 6P combined with Google Docs and a cheapo Bluetooth keyboard to get my words down.

As long as everything stays charged the combination works well enough. Editing in this mode is far more difficult and considerably slower. Also, BT response times sometimes cause minor issues, but I am turning out stories once again so there’s that to be thankful for.

I’m currently sitting at the coffee shop watching my youngest play AD&D with a pair of brother’s who have occupied the community table. They keep walking around with the character manual and Star Wars men, jumping in and out of their collective narrative.

They’re loud and happy and working it out and that’s good.

I was writing until my phone, the device I was using to write with, rang. Incoming call from a Dodge dealership I visited yesterday. They had a 2009 Subaru (go figure) that I was interested in and they’re interested in my 2014 Prius V.

I picked up the call and talked with the sales person for a bit, then, eventually hung up with her. The leak I’d found on the ’09 has been repaired, would I like to continue with the trade. They’re really interested in my car. Questions and uncertainty swilling around in my head.

I put the phone back on the keyboard and tried to write. What was Merra doing again? I read the last few paragraphs recapturing her mood, drawing the thread of the story forward, but it’s very obvious, I’ve lost my place in the narrative.

I want to blame it all on my phone. On the call that came over the ether on what is essentially my magic story telling machine, but I know that’s not the problem.

I’ve got some real world problems to take care of, life decisions I need to sort out so I can keep stories threaded.


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