It hasn’t dropped yet, but the anthology Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet is being re-released sometime real soon according to Samuel Peralta and Nick Webb. The original edition was released under the Kindle World’s imprint, when KW got deleted those stories went with it, so I’m glad that Nick and Sam decided to re-issue a second edition. LUMP will see light of day one more time, this time in paperback.

Captain Obvious

When the re-release was announced I realized that it’s been a really long time since I’ve dropped a story. I guess there was a variety of reasons I’d stopped. I’m not certain that iterating them all will do much for me or anyone else, so I’m just going to catch you all up by saying that I’m writing once again. My pacing is much slower than before and I’m spending considerably more time to ensure I’ve got outlines for any project I’m working on these days.

We can chalk up my slowness to the desire to write at a sustainable rate. Besides, a little bit every day is, over time, generally much more productive than a lot one day followed by a week or more of nothing.

To this I’d like to add that I’ve taken everything down from Amazon save The Big Red Buckle. I’ve decided that I prefer to write episodically. Add this desire to the notion I don’t really care to endure endless rejections and you’ll likely arrive at the same conclusion I have. WattPad seems like a good, low cost solution for the time being. You get to read what I want out there, for free even. I get some kudos from time-to-time as well as an easy way to publish episodic stories. All of this minus the guilt and social anxiety that seems to come with Patreon.

What’s Coming Soon?

Boy am I glad you asked. I’ve been digging into some more B-List stories lately. You can check out the additions to that collection now. I’m also working on a re-write of Fire Weather, which will be novel length when its done. I’m planning on releasing it episodically, or chapter-by-chapter anyway, but only after I get some more written and edited.

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