Mid Week Waddle

So the math was making me feel a little bit daunted today. There used to be a time when three miles was about a 30 minute affair for me; 45 with a pack and a pair of sticks. Today, 3 miles took me about an hour and we (for the moment) won’t talk about the fact that there is snow on the way.

Okay, so no more 75 mile days. I can deal with that. But what can I realistically do, say, given 10 hours of walkable daylight. That’s still a respectable distance. Give or take, time for resting and tea and weight, I should be able to turn over 25 to 30 in 10 hours.

So, I go and look up daylength for my region and determine that it’s not until late February that there’s enough sunlight to try this. I’m not sure if I can draw a line in the sand yet, but I’m eyeballing February 27th as a possible test date just to see what I can do.

Okay, thought I’d forgotten about the snow? Nope. There’s a cirrostratus ice layer above the standard altostratus layer covering much of the Puget trough at the moment and my foot **hurts**. No finer weather tool in existence. Get ready, it’s coming.

Full Strava Info Here

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