Not Much Luck

I’m having a run of bad weather luck. Or slightly good weather luck at inopportune times? Mixed with scheduling difficulties and doctors appointments. Ugh!

Yesterday’s attempted Issaquah Alps trail time did not work out. I ended up going over the water for a doctor’s appointment that I’d previously forgotten. Once there, my doctor reminded me that I needed a tDap booster then promptly stuck me in the arm. I drove home despite the blueish skies because I knew I had about an hour before the headache got going.

Today? The forecast says blue skies but the skies don’t agree. Oh well. Even if it clears up this afternoon, there’s not enough time to safely zip over the water and head up into the Cascades. I’d be racing some serious snow potential and I’m not really ready for that.

Maybe I’ll be able to fit Shinglemill Creek in this afternoon? If not than big loop through the forest, down past the beach? I’ll make something happen.

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