Watching the Snow Blow In

I wasn’t really intending to go this far, but I couldn’t help myself after I got out on the trail. The mud was cold enough that it was hard and the wind was calm enough that I wasn’t too concerned about trees coming down on my head. Yes, it was cold. I like cold. In fact, I miss cold. Not that damp, going to rot your soul sort we’ve been having most of this winter, but that crisp, clear, just going to freeze you to death kind.

Yes that is my baby dog, that is my baby dog, that is my baby dog

Bonus, after I took the photo it actually started to snow a tad. Tiny little dry flakes. Sky dandruff.

Strava Stuff Here


I was thinking about other stuff I should probably y’all. Short list, but somethings worth mentioning.

As of this writing, my YouTube subscriber drive has netted a total of 50 new subscribers. That’s correct, we’re more than half way there at 51, or 51% if you prefer. What’s that? You’re not a subscriber but realize that it costs you nothing to check that box and will help my channel go from this “” to ““. Well good on ya! Please head on over and subscribe. Thanks in advance.

I’ve added a garage sale section to this site and begun clean up of all my social media sites. This includes a LinkTree which is super handy and centralized. Need to get a hold of me, it’s got it all.

Issaquah Alps trail immersion has been postponed. The weather this week did not cooperate and I really don’t want to invest the time and money into really dark, snow tromp up a hill.

Oh oh! Almost forgot to mention that today it’s been 100 days since I had a drink or a bite of meat.

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