New Hiking Immersion – Valley of Firs

Sloppy loop up north

Right now, you probably don’t want to see much more of the white stuff. I know I don’t. But I imagine around August next summer I’ll have a change of heart and be looking back on these hikes with a new fondness for cold feet and a runny nose. Not only that, but we had the trail to ourselves, which is hard to beat in any weather.

It’s not a long loop or trail, but please enjoy Snow Day at Valley of Firs. Consider Subscribing as your button click would go a long way to helping me toward my goal.

PS: I am getting better at editing these videos. Yes, I know that there is a problem with aspect ratio. I’m upgrading my camera to resolve the black space because my equipment won’t support 16:9 and squishing it in post makes it look horrible. Do you like the music intros?

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