Confirmation, A Steady Boil

Holy Cow! What a springy Spring day. I had to peel off layers on this walk and the blue sky was so blue I was looking for shade from time to time. There were bugs buzzing around and I could smell an entire season of dog poop defrosting.

Speaking of which, if you’re going to bring a plastic poop bag, and be thoughtful enough to pick up your dogs poop, don’t chuck it in the blackberries. If you simply leave it trail side and mosey along your way it will defrost and decompose. Package that shit up in a plastic baggy and throw it behind nature’s barbed wire fence and it’s going to stick around for fucking ever.

Also, I know your dog is nice. In fact, we can agree your dog is probably the nicest dog there is, ever was, ever will be. Mine is not nice. She was abused before she came to me. If you let your nice dog near my dog, my dog will bite your nice dog and there will be a problem not of my making. Keep your nice dog on a leash for it’s safety, I can only control my dog if you control yours.

Finally, my right knee has some swelling and a little soreness right below the patella. Just like when I was a kid. Going to stretch it and maybe take some Tylenol. See what happens. I’m not certain what the cause is. Pace has been a lot faster lately and my black Sups are getting a little worn in the right heal. Maybe time to replace?

Perhaps the best part about today was looking down at my watch and seeing that my average moving pace was about 10 minute miles. No shit. Yes, I had to stop a lot to let people pass with dogs or mask up or whatever. But even so, ever time I started up again it felt like my natural state was this movement. The stopping was the problem, not the going again. I’m getting better, at least my body is, and I can feel it.

As far as my mental health is concerned I think that’s improving too. Yeah, I’m not talking, so what? I am listening a lot more than I ever have before.

Strava stuff here

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