An Apology

An apology is in order. Last Friday I headed up Mount Si intending to capture the trail for a second trail video in March. In okay weather, I made it to the top, took a couple of photos, then turned tail and scurried down the mountain before the next wave of storms started moving through the area.

Haystack from Mount Si

Saturday dawned soggy and moist. I was sore and well really tired. I plugged memory into computer to extract my precious footage from camera only to discover that I had about four hours of time lapse shot at 1/60th. Turns out I hadn’t changed the mode on the camera and proceeded up the hill “shooting” everything in the wrong way.

I played with the footage I had on Sunday trying to make it look less comical, but it is useless.

Now, I could go out today I suppose, but I’m still sore and old. My family isn’t feeling top notch either and so I’d be cramming to fit a second capture in before the end of the month. I think it would be best if I just admit defeat and maybe try and pick up the slack in April.

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