Lake Serene Hill Climb

One of the most popular hikes along the Highway 2/Steven’s Pass corridor in Washington State it pays to get up to Lake Serene before the crowds descend up upon this area. With nearly 2000′ of elevation gain in the first half this isn’t for the faint of heart. After crossing Bridal Veil Creek be prepared to pick your way over boulders and even loose rocks. From a snowy perch overlooking the still frozen Lake Serene you can take in Mount Index as the sun sinks into its silent shadow. Silent, that is, until the next avalanche.

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2 thoughts on “Lake Serene Hill Climb

    1. It has its moments. The boulder fields are murder, but the snow helps deal with the last couple of them. Unfortunately, I turned off the camera right before a big series of avalanche let go down Mount Index. Was super cool to see, wish I could have shared.

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