Teneriffe Falls Hike

Blue sky and bushels of people. Perhaps climbing up to Teneriffe Falls on a Saturday was my first mistake, but my original plan which was to summit Granite Peak was interrupted by a rash of good sense after taking a gander at the weather forecast. It’s prudent to wait until those snow fields melt out at this point, so I looked for something to fill the gap.

The parking lot for Teneriffe and Si were packed in like sardines. There was a row of people on the road outside Si who had “tow” written on their windshields. I got lucky and nabbed a spot after a runner backed out of his stall. It pays to be patient.

The lower trail is in excellent condition and I can see where WTA made improvements back in 2018. In most places it’s wide enough to accommodate up and down hill traffic as long as people stay single file in their lane.

Once you hit the much narrower switchbacks on the upper segment of the trail WTA’s absence is also remarkable. There are a number of switchback turns that have eroded to the point that the represent a rock fall hazard to people on the trail below. On my descent I almost saw this happen and it was only prevented by another hiker’s quick response to a couple of rolling rocks.

The falls is, of course, a mess. I’d thought about taking Kamikaze Trail the rest of the way to the top, but couldn’t find the trail even though I’ve climbed it in the past. I tried to pick up some of the trash, but there’s just way too much and I didn’t bring a big bag. The trail around the falls could really use some attention as well since it’s getting loved to death. Erosion for about 100′ on both sides of the first pool to the exclusion of most plant life.

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