Granite Mountain Hill Climb

I’m guessing that the 2020 WTA work was limited to the section of trail below the Pratt Lake Fork because holy cow that is some nice walking these days. The water bars are all clear, the rock work is solid and tidy, and there seems to be not a twig out of place. Well done!

Above the fork there’s a handful of the usual suspects. A couple of downed trees that need to be separated from their root balls before they can be removed from the path. A number of eroded switch back turns that need some native stones placed on the inside to help stem further erosion. And lots and lots of water bars that need to be cleaned out.

Above tree line there is still a good deal of snow. Bring micro spikes. Stick to areas that have been walked in the past and stay off the cornice.

The summit is unusually clean and tidy. I was only able to find a tiny piece of plastic wrapper that probably got away from someone. That was it. Relative to some of the other summits along the spine it’s in excellent shape. Keep up the good work hikers.

The parking lot was crowded, but not terribly so considering it was Memorial Day weekend. There was a fair amount of Interstate trash left in the bushes. The pit toilet needs to be cleaned and will soon need to be pumped.

REMINDER: The YouTube channel can always use your likes and subscribes and it costs you nothing. As always thank you for your continued generosity and support. I’ll keep doing the trail work and wilderness advocacy regardless, but it is helpful to know that I’m making a difference.

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