Summerland & Panhandle Gap

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Spending time on the side shoulders of Mount Rainier is like living on a giant. This hike meanders along the Frying Pan Creek drainage to its high point at Panhandle Gap. It’s a segment of the Wonderland Trail which circumnavigates the entirety of one of North America’s most recognizable volcanoes and a slice of trail history dating back to 1915.

On this hike you’ll experience a range of possibilities from ancient old growth forest, meadows blooming in their summertime prime, alpine tundra, and glaciers crossings (very tame, easily crossed). Come along and work up a sweat, you won’t be disappointed.

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00:00:00 Start Walking
00:25:00 Ancient Forests
00:50:47 Bridge
01:12:17 Cross the Frying Pan
01:28:05 Downed Tree
01:40:02 Summerland
01:44:03 Frying Pan Crossed Again
01:55:52 Snow Begins & Rough Crossing
02:27:27 Upper Snowfields
02:38:10 Panhandle Gap and View of Rainier

Join us from the comfort of your treadmill, elliptical machine, or NordicTrack. Alternatively use these videos as background background while you work. Stay safe, social distance, and support public lands. #virtualtreadmill​​ #virtualwalk​

Total distance: ~6 miles (~10 km)
Time: 02:39:28
Camera: Insta360 ONE x2 5.7k reframed 16:9

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