Kendall Katwalk

Along the southern end of Section J of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington exists an unrivaled view that exacts a hefty toll from those who want to experience its vista. Walk up, then climb some more, and you will arrive on a narrow spine of rock that connects two of many knobby shoulders of the Cascade Crest. Hold onto your hat, often anabatic winds will gust up from both sides at once.

You can of course turn around here, and many people do, but there is still much trail past this point. The Alpine Lakes Wilderness extends north all the way to Stevens Pass where you’re likely to see pika, marmot and the occasional black bear. Just a little ways up from the Katwalk are a pair of subalpine lakes, Gravel and Ridge, where it’s common to find PCT section and thru hikers camped out for a night.

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