Breaking the Pattern

First day of school for Aral today. Also, Tess is back at her school grindstone. That leaves me with plenty to do, but occasional chances to beat feet. This morning after drop off I took the doggo and new camera over to Island Center Park for a short walk/run and an opportunity grab some test footage from my new camera.

To be clear, I have used the DJI OSMO Pocket 2 before. I shot this sunrise time-lapse with it. I’ve also used it for some other stationary shots and videos. And, it’s great for that. Admittedly I’m still learning how to use it, too. The gimbled camera changes how I have to behave with the camera pretty significantly.

It took me this long to sort out the kit for walking with this camera. One of its chief advantages is that I can mount it to my chest or shoulder strap, point it down the trail, and let it run … hands free! That will give me the option of using poles on long climbs and even Nordic skiing later this winter.

Additionally, I’ve got a complete set of lenses (wide angle and anamorphic, plus graduated ND filters) now to go with this camera. That means I can change shot focus to fit the situation and do it without the lens flare I’ve been struggling with using the One X2.

The camera’s downsides include it’s built in battery which can’t be hot swapped, but which I can charge as I’m using the camera. Also, it’s relative fragility and lack of weather proofing are going to play into how and when I use it. I won’t know how it does managing walking or running motion until I edit this footage. Also, switchbacks may be a problem, we’ll see.

Finally, the camera and its plastic case are tiny, weighing in at 158 grams. The whole thing gets swallowed up in either a chest pocket on my backpack’s harness or the waist belt, and there’s still room for a gluten free energy bar.

Alright, it’s time to start moving files around. Let’s see how this new device works!

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