Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens is an active stratovolcano located in the southwest corner of Washington State. It cataclysmically blew its conical top back in 1980 and since then the dome located in the heart of the resultant crater has grown. Climbers can ascend the volcano to the rim by way of the Monitor Ridge route in the summer months and Worm Flows route after snow sets in. Be cautious, there is no water resupply, it’s a route, not a trail that is steeper than most stairs, and above 3,700′ expect complete exposure.

This was a special one. A real climb. It’s slower than some and I’ve changed my video format a little because the volcano is so steep. Mount Saint Helens National Monument requires a permit to climb above 4000′ (1220m) and they’re often difficult to come by. All told I spent about 7 hours climbing and descending the volcano and about two days getting there and back again. It was completely worth it.

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