Alt.Chronicles: Legacy Fleet ARCs

UPDATE: I have a single ARC left. If you’re interested in reading and reviewing this excellent collection please let me know right away.

I have in my hand three hot copies of an upcoming release ALT.Chronicles: Legacy Fleet, a Samuel Peralta anthology debuting later this month. One of my stories, written within Nick Webb’s universe, is featured in this collection, and this means that I have three Advanced Reader Copies to pass around. Three.


So, my Sunday morning dilemma is this: I’d like to pass these around to all my patrons, but I can only give them to three people. It’s imperative that I tell you that these copies come with strings attached. Per Samuel, “ARC readers must try their best to provide honest reviews for the launch day (Aug 18) on or shortly after. You can choose those readers however you like, but keep in mind that we do want to set an expectation that these are reviewer copies, and not freebies.”

I’m giving Patreon patrons first crack at these, but if you’re interested in reading my story LUMP as well as shorts from fourteen other authors, speak up in the comments. Depending on the response I see on Patreon I’ll mail you a copy in the e-reader format of your choice.

That Feeling

You don't get to see the cover ... yet!

You don’t get to see the cover … yet!

This morning I got to see proofs of the cover art for the Galaxy Chronicles and it looks pretty darn good. Even better, it feels pretty darn amazing to see your name on a collection like this.

I’m proud of my contribution to this anthology. I done wrote good words. It’s a good story, in good company. Pre-orders will be available soon.

Paperback: The Big Red Buckle

The paperback includes Joulupukki short story bonus

This afternoon, when Aral and I returned from our dailies, there was a box on the step. Wow! I sure am excited about the results. I ordered twenty copies of my own book because reasons. The first of which is to send a copy to those who have helped and encouraged me along the way. Second, because I’m at least a little vain and I wanted to see it in print all on its own. And third, because I want to exchange a free read for reviews.

So here is the deal, I will mail you a free copy of my book “The Big Red Buckle” in exchange for the following.

  • A blog review of my book: so you need to have a blog. It would be better if you wrote regularly and even had a few followers. Make sure to include a link to your blog and the current number of subscribers you have when you send me your email. Hoping to see some critical reviews here and you’re welcome to link back to as long as you don’t mind me linking to your blog.
  • A summary review of “The Big Red Buckle” at just asking for a paragraph or two on Amazon.
  • Optional – Cross post Review on Goodreads: You don’t have to write anything new, but if you choose to post your Amazon review on Goodreads, you’d be helping me out.

What do you need to do to get your signed copy of “The Big Red Buckle” for free? That’s easy. Send me an email with the following information in it, by next Monday, the 13th of January.

  • Your name and physical address (I need this to mail you a copy)
  • Your blog DNS, and approximate subscription numbers
  • Your Amazon alias (so I can follow up)

I will collect names and send copies out on Tuesday the 14th. My supply of free-for-review copies is limited, but apparently so is my fan base. Good luck my friends.



Good news! I can see that some of you have bought, and may have already read, “The Big Red Buckle“. And while this tickles me to no end, I as the author, really, really want to know what you think of my first book. Maybe it is all the time and effort I put into the book or perhaps its the fact that I’m working daily on the next in the series within the theme, but I am conscious of the desire to hear what you think.

Believe me when I say I’m trying to remain sanguine about the fact that only a couple of you have indulged me with a review. But also you should be aware that the silence is taking my OCD in a new direction. I’m spending a lot of time breaking out of thought loops in which I wonder, uselessly, if you liked it? If you didn’t like it why? Is there anything I could do to make it better? Is this the sensation of self-deprecation or failure? Why? ARGH! It’s frustrating to say the least.

So, at the risk of seeming needy or even demanding, let me make an opportunity for both of us. I need reviews. Good. Bad. Indifferent. That’s all okay. Anything you say about my stories will be welcome at this point. Invariably, it will broaden my reach as an “indie.” And perhaps more importantly, it will help me put these ridiculous and ever present worries to rest. The silent treatment sucks, even if its unintential.

If you haven’t already, take a couple of minutes this holiday to post a review for “The Big Red Buckle“.


And finally, for the three of you who have taken a couple of spare minutes to give me your opinions, let me pass along my eternal thanks. Better than a hot shower after a long run. Better than a long, cool rain in a sweltering summer. Those reviews are better than the first radio signal vibrating the antenna array on a generation ship headed lightyears across the Milkyway.

Advanced Reader Copy: The Big Red Buckle

NOTE: 12/15/2013 I’m closing down the open ARC for this book. We’re days away from cover art and final processing for the manuscript. So if you are still interested in the book and did not send me a request, you’ll need to wait just a bit and buy yours via Amazon.

Come one, come all. I’m not giving away my book, but I am sending out a limited number of Advanced Reader Copies of The Big Red Buckle. This is a great story, and I’m hoping to generate some interest out in the wide world of readers, so if you would like to be the first kid on your block to lay your hands on this Sci-Fi Sports thrill ride follow the instructions below.

  1. Send me a request for the ARC of The Big Red Buckle. Hurry supplies are limited. You will have between December 7th and the 14th to request your copy on my dime. Be sure to include:
    • Your address, email will work just fine if you want the electronic version, but if you want a physical ARC than you’ll need to include a shipping address.
    • Your full name.
    • Any affiliations you might have (such as a publishing house, periodical, or blog where you regularly post)
  2. Wait patiently, the manuscript is ready, but physical copies are not in my hands yet. If you’d rather an electronic copy you can get one as soon as the story is released.
  3. Read the book.
  4. Let me know what you thought of The Big Red Buckle. Send me an email, comment on the blog, post on any of my author pages. I’m interested in what you think.

There are only a limited number of copies I can send out into the world. You get a “free” story and I get your opinions and reviews. Remember, this is an equitable exchange.