Others On the Trail

This is a running list of people who make trail media of one sort or another that have inspired or benefitted me in some way. In no way should this be considered the limits of my appreciation. I’m a pretty lazy person and/or some folks just don’t have a web presence which is a pretty big crack to get lost in. However, I believe in sharing or paying it forward or whatever this is. I wish these folks success and happiness, whatever that means, as well as many warm mornings under blue skies in the middle of nowhere.

Darwin on the Trail

YouTube suggested Darwin to me probably for lightweight gear reviews years ago. I soon subscribed, less so for his hot takes on gear and more for his trail montage videos. He and his wife “Snuggles” have been living on and off-again nomadic life which revolves around trails and seems to be focused on the desert southwest. In addition to all of this, he and Snuggles have found the time to start an online media conglomerate called Outdoor Evolution which, from my perspective, seems like an open-sourced outdoor-themed multimedia publication. There are some cool perspectives and pictures. Check them out.

The Blissful Hiker

If you’ve ever listened to National Public Radio you’ll recognize Alison Young’s voice. I found her podcast recently while looking at some Instagram connections via a trail video I made. She has a smooth, lyrical storytelling style with hints of the audio from her hike well placed throughout. Add to this she really knows how to build anticipation in an episodic despite all the humdrum hours anyone can expect tramping a long-distance trail. Finally, Blissful is a middle-aged hiker who seems to share some physical, mental and spiritual challenges with me. Her approach seems wise and graceful and I can’t help looking forward to those moments of clarity.


Boy oh boy, watching Jupiter is an exercise in regret. At 29 this kid has his head on straight and knows where to find his happiness. I can only wish I’d been that brave as a young man. Not only that but he’s got his pack dialed in a way that makes me envious. I’m not much for gear reviews, but I really enjoy his MacGyveresk approach to ultralight which includes a very close eye on finances. He has some space-age doodads on his back, but most of what he carries on thru-hikes like the AZT and the PCT costs a tiny fraction of what a lot of people have come to expect to pay for kit these days.

Foresty Forest

I’ve been watching Forest since he got his channel rolling years ago. In fact, some of his fat bike travels across the southwest inspired me to explore that mode of locomotion. Lately, he’s been living out of a mix of vans hopping around Canada climbing and hiking high country in Canada. He dabbles in POV-style video creation too, which is cool, but he’s got a laid-back attitude that plays nicely into his storytelling style and a great eye for the cinematic.

Backcountry Foodie

Aaron Owens Mayhew, MS, RDN and I have actually met before although it was a while ago and it’s possible I’m the only one who remembers. She’s got some great ideas for food on the trail and her focus is feeding people on the trail. Better, her meals and meal plans are trail tested, far cheaper than what you can buy, and way better tastings.

Food for the Sole

I met Julie and Henry at an ALDHA – West ruck this Spring during an online presentation in their kitchen. Their book is chock full of tasty vegetarian ideas and plenty of tips for the home dehydrator. Plus, they’re super nice and helpful people who offer some very tasty prepared meals for trail trash like you and me.