Friday Fun Day

Rosie on the Beach

Rosie on the Beach

I’m having much difficulty digesting the idea that anyone, let alone a majority, would vote for Trump. For anything. But there it is, apparently some of you find something appealing about this two-bit flim-flam man that I just can’t see, and this has bothered me greatly all week long.

The good news is that I have outlets. I’ve written a fair amount. I’ve cleaned. I made some excellent udon. I’ve even finished re-mounting racks to my fat-bike and this morning I got out for an early season shake down ride. That was excellent! I had to turn back because of responsibilities, but man the sensation of knowing that I had everything I’d need to keep on turning the cranks for a long, long time was liberating.

Tonight I may settle down for a cuddle and a marathon session of Fire Fly with my honey. So there’s plenty to love. Plenty to be grateful for.

Selling Rosy

You read that right. I am selling my 2012 Surly Necromancer with both wheel sets (size large). There are no problems with this bike, and I truly love to ride it. The problem is that for the foreseeable future I am in transition mode. Everything has to fit in my truck (which has a small bed) and be ready to go at the drop of a hat.

That and my focus is on raising my son, writing more books, and running. I just don’t have time to ride. The bike has been featured on and is ready to roll.

Racks and bags stay with me (they’re in storage), but both wheels sets go. Leave a comment below if you’re interested. You can get all this for the incredible bargain of $1,400 USD.