Mutual Appreciation Society

Hey sweet, the amazing and talented Andrea Johnson, over at Little Red Reviewer, interviewed me recently. She just published my answers, and THE BIG RED BUCKLE is on sale too boot! Only $0.99 until I regain network access later in the week. It is starting to feel a whole lot like a mutual appreciation society around here. Happy circumstance or evil plot to take over the world? You’re going to have to read them both and decide for yourself.

Later today, Aral and I hop back on an airplane, fly over half a continent, and then scramble like mad to remove the last bit of residue of our habitation from the old townhouse in Boulder. As you can imagine, I may be difficult to reach for a bit.


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Interview with Ian Nichols, author of “In The Dark”

Interview with Ian Nichols, author of “In The Dark”.

Right there, that’s why I enjoyed meeting Andrea Johnson. Stuff like this makes me happy I interviewed her too.

If you haven’t read her interview I recommend that you get on it pronto. And then, when you’re done with it head on over to Little Red Reviewer and read this excellent piece with Ian Nichols. Your comments are due on Friday. Don’t give me the dog ate them, or you’ll flunk out and have to do the whole year over again.