It Has Begun

Ladies and gentlemen, NaNoWriMo 2014 has begun (that’s National Novel Writing Month for those of you still out of the loop). It is also the first day of encouragement from me, your biggest fan, who will be sitting this one out.

With too much life to work on and perpetually growing list of projects to complete I know my daily word counts would not approach the number I’d need to be a winner. Perhaps this year November should become PeNoEdiMo for me (Personal Novel Editing Month), I have two manuscripts that are lacking for it, but I digress. Or at least, if I do participate, it wont be with the intent of winning.

Seriously, if you’ve signed up I’m wishing you the best of luck. I can be done, and if you do it you will be a much better person in every way because, at least that story will be on the page where you can do something or nothing with it as you choose. So don’t worry about how bad it is, stop fidgeting with the formatting settings, and write.


Mailing List … Finally

MailChimp-Logo-on-mevvy.com_Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the FeetForBrains email list. Yes, I’ve let this one slide for far too long. My laziness has probably stunted my growth as an author. And I certainly bitch about Facebook’s evil ways enough, which is why I’ve finally gone ahead and started an email list.

Specials on books, advanced reader copies, contests, appearances, signing, all the good stuff, will be made available to anyone who signs up. I promise not to sell your information (name and email address only) and I hope that you will be amply rewarded for becoming a fan.

You’ll notice that besides this post, there is a permanent page that appears under About MAT called Mailing List. But you don’t have to navigate there now simply click here and go straight to the form.