Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ON THE LEFT FOOT. A short story as wild and wonderful and full of weeds as I could manage in about 7,000 words. Write what you know? Write what you don’t know? Well I did both. Take a look. Enjoy. It’s cheep.  It’s Saturday. You’ll likely want more. I’m writing.


Backcountry ranger Jack Isen has had a bad year. Once school gets out he is anticipating some time alone, working the back country of the Flat Tops Wilderness. Something strange happens and he finds much more isolation than he was planning for.

The Big Red Buckle

The Big Red Buckle

The Big Red Buckle

Good news! The amazingly talented Jeffrey Witty sent me the final cover work for The Big Red Buckle this morning. Marco, poised on a cliff edge, waiting for the right wind to launch his paraglider, graces the jacket of the book in high contrast.

The novelette will be available shortly on Amazon as an ebook for your Kindle as well as in printed form (glossy, 12.852 x 19.837 cm (5.06″ x 7.81″)) before the end of the year.

I’m looking into a way to use the first month of sales profits of my first book to donate to a charity, something I believe in, as well, but I have not made any final decisions in that space. If you have suggestions feel free to toss them into a comment and I’ll take them into consideration.

For those of you with a copy of the ARC for The Big Red Buckle in your hands, thanks for giving me an early read. I’m really hoping to see your reviews soon.