With the onset of COVID-19 and the new normal we’ve opened up out Minecraft Java edition (1.15.2) server for island kids. We’d love it if you came and played with us.

What’s Required?

  1. An up-to-date copy of Minecraft 1.15.2 (latest version of the game) and your username (so you can be whitelisted on the server)
  2. Optional: Latest production release of Discord
  3. An internet connection

Who can play?

Only Minecrafters who have been whitelisted on the server. This means that you or your parents have responded with your Minecraft username. The server is open 24/7 and moderated. It’s an unmodified, vanilla Minecraft experience.

How can I play?

Email or text Aral’s Dad and he’ll get you added to the server pronto.

What are the rules?



Treat others with respect

There’s no need to say or do things to make others feel bad or upset. Trolling, generally defined as provoking a person/situation to get a response, is also not allowed. This rule also encompasses intentionally trying to kill users in non-PvP zones (basically everywhere but in a PvP arena, the End/Nether or in VMR) which is not allowed.

Offensive content is not allowed

Severe or frequent vulgarity, especially when directed at others is not allowed. Offensive item/mob names, skins, minecraft structures and usernames are not allowed, and you are required to change or remove any if asked by a staff member.

Keep chat family friendly

Chat should be family friendly. This means certain subjects are not allowed in chat. These include, but are not limited to, discussions about sex, politics, religion or drugs. If a staff member asks you to move a conversation elsewhere or drop one, you should do so.

Advertising is not allowed

Advertising other Minecraft servers is strictly banned. You also may not advertise websites, YouTube channels, Twitch streams, or anything else.

Allow moderators to do their jobs

You may not attempt to do a moderator’s job in threatening to punish players for breaking the rules.

Spamming is not allowed

Spamming is filling chat with multiple unneeded characters or messages. Don’t do it.

This rule also applies to spamming commands that don’t necessarily show up in chat (whether it be manually or via powertool) or shouting.

Cheating is not tolerated

Cheating in any form is not allowed. Anything that would give you an unfair advantage over other players is considered cheating. This can include client mods to generate items/money easier or faster than otherwise possible, abusing server bugs or using alt accounts to directly financially benefit your main account.

Griefing is not allowed

Griefing is considered destroying or changing another player’s property or buildings without their consent in any protected area. Don’t do it.

Do not scam other players, or try to

Scamming is taking money, items, work, or anything else of value from another player dishonestly.

Player vs Player Combat

Is only allowed at certain times and in certain locations. Don’t kill your friends. If you see them die, try to help them.

Helpful Tips!



Player Graves

If you die you wont lose your stuff. It will be locked up for you in a “player grave.” To get your stuff back you’ll need to crouch jump while standing on or in the grave. You can do this by holding the left-shift button on your keyboard and pressing the space bar.


You can chat with your friends inside the game by pressing t or /. This will open a chat box at the bottom of your screen. Enter your text and then press return.

Claiming Land

You can claim land for your projects by marking the area you intend to use with a line of blocks. Also, it will be helpful to make at least one sign and stick it in the mud. This will tell others that the land is yours even if you need to take a while to start on your project.

Please don’t break blocks in other people’s claims.

Questionable Blocks

Did you just find a block of diamond ore at y=62? Yeah, someone probably put it there. Maybe it’s a decoration maybe something else, but it’s definitely not yours. Please don’t break it.

Project Ideas

Feeling stuck or not sure what to do next? This is a common problem for people new to Minecraft and even affects old hands sometimes. Check the Project Ideas boards and see if you can help someone else with their big project.

Computer Problems

Having trouble with your mouse? Check in with a moderator, they may be able to help you.


Did you just find someone else’s big industrial area? It should be marked, ask them before pressing buttons or pushing levers. You could break it and that would make them sad.


In particular this is a big deal. Bees are new to the game in 1.15 and they’re fragile. If you hit them they will sting you and then die. Don’t hit bees please.

Passive Mobs

Think of ways to use them. Build a wool farm, bread some cattle, tame a horse, but what ever you do, don’t kill them all in an area.


Keep in mind that the Neather will be reset when 1.16 releases. This means that anything you build there will be lost. Don’t feel bad about building things there, just understand that they will go away.

Treasure Hunting

One of the best things about 1.14 release was that it made a million treasure hunts possible. Gear up and get yours!

Stores and Economy

VanillaBeans has an economy. People can build stores, stock them, and then sell those things to others. You should do this, you’ll make diamonds this way. If you don’t have any diamonds try to work out a deal with your friends for other blocks.