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PXL_20210116_210735299.MPCrowd sourced immersive hiking, backpacking, and running experiences for anyone. Enjoy walking through dense Puget Sound forests. Section hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Descend and reemerge from the Grand Canyon. We’ll be adding new and interesting content for you to take to your treadmill, elliptical machine, stair climber, or Nordic Track all the time.

Okay, yeah so it’s a little confusing. Let me explain. The idea is something like a recording of rain that you listen to in order to help yourself sleep and a video you watch at the gym while you’re on an exercise machine. The intent is to feel like you’re walking or hiking someplace you’re not or can’t be.

For the same reason you might listen to music or watch a TV program while you’re doing something else. Just like music, immersive imagery and sound can both enhance the workout experience and improve your performance. Also, and this is a big part of my motivation, these shared experiences help others form a deeper appreciation for the places they virtually visit.

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