Galaxy Chronicles

Galaxy Chronicles

Not the final cover image

Some news, yes? A few of you may know already, but I figure since the manuscript is out there I’d go ahead and make a public service announcement. That’s right, this will go down on your permanent record. Oh yeah? Well don’t get so distressed. Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed?

Boys and girls, your’s truly snuck into the next-next edition of the Future Chronicles curated by Samuel Peralta. I signed a contract to write a story for Galaxy Chronicles less than a month ago and last weekend I turned in about 10k words. The book premier is expected early fall, sometime around September, and you can count on me to tell you when pre-orders are available.

SER PAN COMIDO will be appearing along side works from Jay Allan, Jasper T. Scott, Raymond Weil, GS Jennsen, Nick Endi Webb, Erik Wecks, Nic Wilson, Chris Reher, Jen Foehner Wells, Dave Monk Fraser Adams, Felix R Savage, Pippa LancasterJeff Seymour is editing and Samuel Peralta will manage all the production efforts. Early verdict is positive: “A gritty tale with a beautifully layered atmosphere, that kept me at the edge of my seat!”

In celebration of another publishing gig I’ve dropped the Kindle price of THE BIG RED BUCKLE. For a limited time you can get this story for 99 pennies.

Nichole’s Awesome Summer Kimchee (김치)

Now I shall never lose this tasty concoction of summer.

1 head Napa cabbage, cored and shredded
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1 cup carrots, grated
1/2 cup daikon radish, grated (optional)
1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger (dah bomb)
3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
1/2 tablespoon dried chile flakes
1 tablespoon sea salt
4 tablespoons whey (if not available use an additional 1 tablespoon salt)

Place vegtables, ginger, garlic, red chile flakes, sea salt and whey in a bowl and pound with a wooden pounder or meat hammer to release juices. Place in a quart-sized, wide-mouth mason far and press down firmly with a pounder or meat hammer until juices come to the cop of the cabbage. The top of the vegetables should be at least 1 inch below the top of the jar. Cover tightly and keep at room temperature for about 3 days before transferring to cold storage.


State-by-state breakdown of crazy

This morning I cranked up the radio and was surprised to learn that Americans moved a smidgen closer toward full equality. Yeah, that’s right SCOTUS has ruled that marriage has nothing to do with gender. It’s all about the commitment baby. Cheering could be heard from my Prius as we bounced along Dockton road on our way to breakfast out.

Then, out of no where, NPR started airing dissenting opinions. This parade of somber, bigoted asshats reminded me of why I prefer to not tune in. One President of a “Christian university” spoke about how LGBT marriage equality was not in the public’s interest because of some made up CDC statistics indicated that alternative lifestyles are magically dirtier than heterosexual commitments. This was followed by a Bishop telling listeners that the court wasn’t taking a populist tack, claiming (I kid you not) that his particular fringe fundamentalist Christian claptrap was statistically significant.

Tootling along, I couldn’t help but note all the different angles these guys wanted to put on the same issue. It’s as if they can’t think beyond those “Jesus is ______” signs they like to hang over highways and paste to the back of SUVs. “Your progressive ______ wont work,” they’re saying.

By the time we arrived at Snapdragon for some tasty treats and caffeinated beverages I was really needing a silver lining. The cloud that had formed on this sunniest of sunny days was really getting me down. I think my allergy to spin, even when delivered in the context of complete news coverage, is just too sensitive. And this had started to feel like an interview of NAMBLA members when a human trafficking story is uncovered.

My nose positioned above an aromatic cup-o-joe a couple of things occurred to me. First, these guys just lost a very significant meeting battle. The courts have ruled on the side of, if not progress than, at least liberality. People getting together — consensually sharing and loving — should never be interrupted. That’s my opinion, but I can’t see a downside and I’m certainly not going to start manufacturing them. So chock one up for the protagonists and spread some love around.

Second, all that spin, man it tends to water down any meaningful argument. It’s the grasping of straws and the pounding of nails in pine boxes. It’s a eulogy. And that in and of itself is an amazingly welcome thing. It means that any substantive resistance has already taken care of itself.

Finally, it means we can focus on bigger problems. Paying attention to “marriage traditionalists” is a lot like paying attention to “climate change deniers,” a complete waste of precious time. The idea that Congress could pass a Defense of Marriage amendment to the constitution has now become laughable and all attempts to try will be summarily laughed at. So go ahead, make this a plank in your next election because self identification is crazy helps everyone.

Now, before I close, I want to offer up my support of equality. In the big vin diagram of life there are a lot of sub-bubbles where we could see some improvement. The marriage one, man, that’s been taken care of, so go love the one you love and find satisfaction in that relationship.

Paddle Boarding Report


Last night I completed glassing the deck of Tess’ boat. Once you start that process you have to stay on deck until you can walk away from it or things are likely as not to go very wrong. The good news is that nothing went ‘very wrong’, the bad is that I was up until well past two this morning. So ugh, even though Tess and A-bear let me sleep in a little bit I work up with a headache and an epoxy fume hangover (yes, I work my mask).

So what do you do when you’re knackered, just this side of sick, and caffeine deficient? You call up your local paddle boarding rental shop and book a board for two hours, that’s what you do. In hind sight nothing about our outing this morning should have gone well. The tide was fluctuating near a low. The harbor smelled piquant and the mud flats oozed. A-bear was in an anything other than this sort of mood and I wasn’t too far behind him.

I’ve seen you guys, out there on the water with your oversized boards and paddles, and I’ve always thought man, that shizz just looks awkward and sort of silly. Something about it didn’t appeal to me and I’m not even certain I could put my thumb on just what. Compared to a kayak — low, sleek and fast — paddle boarding seemed clunky. Sailing small boats or paddling canoes both just appealed to me much more.

Then, with everything that could work against it chugging away, I caved to my desire for novel experience and called up the dude on the island. Test the hypothesis!

Aral knelt on the front of the board and at first we were a little wobbly. I tried to follow through with my paddle strokes like I was in a canoe and this wasn’t working. I think my little guy was a concerned at the amazing number of moon jellies in suspension below us; what might happen if we fell in?

But soon enough we both got the hang of this. I really like the standing possition because from a mere seventy-two inches above the surface of the water there’s so much more to see. I also liked the big deck that gave me a place to stow both a bag full of snacks and my little dude.

We tootled around Quartermaster Harbor for about an hour making surprising distance as soon as I figured out how to paddle this craft (short, regular strokes and let the skeg manage tracking). Before I knew it I had fallen in love. My core got an amazing workout (balancing, and powering the craft while Aral wobbled a little from time to time underfoot) and we saw so damn much.

Next project, paddle board!