New Medication

First let me start this post by saying that I’m over being a Prune. Much more fun to be a Plumb.

Next up, I’ve been on the new medication for two weeks now. There are good bits and bad bits to this, but fortunately for me, the good seems to be heavier than the bad.


  • I generally have more energy than I did on the Keppra. This is a huge win for me since I’ve been picking up more of the child and household duties lately. When I drag ass, its horribly apparent to me.
  • I’ve actually been seen smiling lately. Again a huge win for me, before I couldn’t muster the moxie or whatever to do much more than quietly observe regardless of any situation’s impact on me.
  • Fewer incidents of dizziness and shaking. I’m mostly free of this one, stressful situations (like the one described in Being a Prune) pretty quickly send me over that edge however, so I have to be careful what stress and anxiety I allow into my world.
  • Fewer seizures. I’ve only had one in the last three weeks. I still get the auras when one is coming on, but sometimes that’s all it is. Also, anxiety dreams have been the cause more often than not of auras and the last seizure I had. No control over this one, but at least its convenient in the middle of the night.
  • Better cognition. This one is my favorite because it means that I don’t feel like a fool all the time. I’m still apt to forgetting things, but thinking doesn’t feel like a huge, dirty chore any more. Routine is certainly my friend here, and I’ve established a pretty good one (even going so far as to schedule what I clean when and the menu).


  • Insomnia: Wow-wee, sometimes I cannot go to sleep. In fact I’ve been dead tired and laid in bed for hours. Tried melatonin and valerian and eventually they help, but since I upped the dose in particular my nights are a little longer.
  • Fidgety when there’s nothing to do: Thanks to my team at Microsoft for the bonsai tree (little California Juniper) because its been very helpful filling some of the down time. Aral goes down for a nap, for instance, and if I’ve got nothing to clean or errands to run, I’m kind of uncomfortable in my skin. Hands don’t rest well, that kind of thing. I’ve been looking for things like the bonsai and working on my bike to fill time like this and that helps me cope.
  • Still Anger Quickly: Justified or not (see Being a Prune) I know I’m too quick to anger. I don’t really know if this is a side effect of the medication or not, but its certainly not helping me cope with anger and frustration. Or maybe it is; I did walk away from that hoser in the Dodge.

If I put all these things on a scale in my mind I do think I’m way better off than when all this started. Maybe even better off than before the seizures. So therapy and treatment is not a huge fail, its more of a gradual success. I have to remember to smell, in our case in Gunnison, the lilacs when they’re in bloom.

5 thoughts on “New Medication

    1. I’ve been using melatonin drops before bed, the problem is that they knock me on my butt and I usually wake up feeling groggy and low energy. My doctor is raising my dose so there’s a lot of fluctuation in the way I feel day over day. The late afternoon headache is about the worst though.

      1. Hi,
        I’ve only been on melatonin for a little over a week. At first I was just taking one 3mg tablet. Wasn’t helping. So now I take 6mg and I can finally get 5-6 hours of straight sleep. I’m thinking of upcoming it to 9mg tonite to see if I can sleep longer. I don’t feel groggy from the 6mg. I hope I won’t feel groggy after taking 9mg. I don’t get headaches from it – sorry that you are. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Howdy Alexa, At this point I think I was taking a combination of Wellbrutrin (bupropion) and Tegretol (carbamazepine). Neither of these, alone or in combination seemed to do much for the seizures although IIRC I did see a change in the nature of the episodes I was experiencing. First, I was far less likely to have the knock down, drag out grand mal seizures. When I wrote this I don’t think I was fully aware of the fact that there were plenty of partial complex seizures afflicting me. They became much more pronounced later soon after this post.

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