Karma can be a Bitch

Some years ago I bought a Kindle book that I was less than happy with. It was, from a literary standpoint, well written. But the opinions expressed by the author were difficult for me to digest. It was an off grid survival book enriched with lots of Bible quotes.

I know I can sometimes get carried away by my own prejudice. Add a little anger to that cocktail and things quickly get out of hand. And in this case I felt like I had spent my money on something that was far less than my expectations. Angered, I clicked on out to Amazon and gave the book a pretty horrible review.

Worse, I argued with some of the author’s fan base about the book. The nerd rage was tossed around pretty thick for a while, and ultimately, I walked away from the experience felling both dissatisfied with my book purchase, but also somewhat deplorable. Just one more regrettable moment in my life to scratch at. It was not a productive debate, it never could have been. I’m an atheist, the author in question is a man of faith. We’ll never see eye to eye on this one issue. And, for each of us, our world is at least shaped in part by these closely held paradigms.

So, right now, I’m standing on the very edge of that same self-publication cliff. Jeffrey Witty and I had a brief conversation regarding his final treatment for the cover art for “The Big Red Buckle” and I know that we’re just days away from completing the copy-edited draft that will go to print and ebook.

I’m looking over the rim and the pucker-factor is creeping up my spine. Its a pretty scary prospect to put something like this out there on your own. You start to wonder if you did everything you could to make it as good as it could be. Maybe there’s some mystic right you have forgotten to chant over your manuscript or perhaps you have simply missed every third misspelled word in your text. I wonder about getting readers. I’m trying to generate interest. Either way, you worry. Or at least I do.

And then, after having a brief conversation with the author of the ebook you disrespected publicly years ago, you realize that you are the dude that did the wrong. You realize this, even as he send out a tweet to his fans that your book will soon be available.


I took down the review, I did not and probably never will like that book, but he has written other books that I have enjoyed., but writing in anger was not the right thing to do.

In an effort to make amends for my own nastiness and perhaps repair my karma just a little I’m reposting the following for Michael Bunker. I’ll note too, that Michael Bunker is selling signed copies of his work on his web site as well. These are all on my reading list.


You are definitely going to want to be on my email list for the next giveaway, which celebrates the release of OSAGE TWO DIAMONDS in just 8 days. Between now and then I will be giving away 7 full sets of the original 4 volume WICK books, signed with the original WICK covers! These will be impossible to get once the new covers are all uploaded and into the system. So if you aren’t on my email list, get on there and stay on there by clicking on this link: http://eepurl.com/enJeQ

If you just want to buy the four books signed by me and bypass the giveaway, just send $40 (this is the lower 48 contiguous United States price*) to: M. Bunker 1251 CR 132, Santa Anna, Texas 76878 and I’ll make sure to get you one out pronto. Great collectors item for gifts! PLEASE EMAIL ME at mbunker@michaelbunker.com if you want to order this set signed and I’ll make sure to get ahead of the curve in getting these sent out to you, especially if you want them for gifts.

*outside of the lower 48, please email me at mbunker@michaelbunker.com for additional shipping price.

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