Objects of Focus

Hey I’m trying something new! Yeah, really. Objects of Focus is series of short videos that you can use to take yourself out of the moment. Think of them as a meditation aid or a pleasant cup of tea, but for your eyes and ears. They’re short, no heroics required, and should be calming for most people.

The first one is only a minute long. It’s just a moment I captured in my garden while hanging some wash on the line, but if you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy watching bumblebees in flowers. I could watch them all day.

Anyway, theses videos are a lot easier for me to make than the hiking videos and while I love to do both I’m trying to grow on the platform. More viewers on YouTube means that I have more freedom to travel and capture better hikes. I need more eyeballs, so I shall try something new. See what happens.

Tell me what you think. Expect to see more.

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