You Asked for It

I’ve been asked a number of times for shorter versions of the whole hikes I usually publish. This isn’t, but itself, a problem. To reduce a video in size is actually pretty easily done and sometimes I do it by simply turning the camera off while I walk. The challenge comes when I look at a whole hiking video and try to decide which parts do people want to see.

For me a hike is usually something more than it’s parts. The vistas are wonderful, but without the closed in hallway of trees leading to an open view the former losses a little. Still I know that for someone at home, maybe walking along with me on their treadmill, an hour plus of tree hallway probably gets a little monotonous. Given my current circumstances and responsibilities there are an awful lot of trees.

With all that in mind, I’ve taken a stab at reducing the Kendall Katwalk video. Two hours and twenty-five minutes of the original have been compressed into twenty-four minutes. If you’re one of those people asking for shorter versions of my hikes I hope it meets your needs, if not the full version is still available.

As usual, please comment and like the video at YouTube. Your engagement there, helps my channel grow and increases the possibility of catching new interest. If you want to support the channel directly, you can subscribe at Patreon. Every penny helps me make more cinematic trail content to share.

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