So the poll is still open, but I’ve seemed to have topped out on the number of interested voters. More than half the votes went to Hinterland which I think is a pretty good name anyways. “The land beyond” has a ring to it and it really gets at the heart of what I hope to achieve with these vehicles. This morning I created two DNS registrations “hinterlandcycles.com” and “hinterland-cycles.com” so the deed is done. The much more simple “hinterland.com” is registered to a DNS troll operating out of the Camen Islands so we’ll let that one go for the time being.

I went out on my bike during nap time looking for used pallets I can recycle as shelving. Came up empty handed, but it is Saturday in Gunnison. So the leads I have for potential wood may pan out later next week.

On the way back from my foray into the wilds of the G-Spot I, as is my habit, stopped at the The Bean for some tea. While there I borrowed a pen and a bit of paper and penned the head badge prototype below. It now hangs in a place of honor on the refrigerator door.

Alligt Alleweder KV4 from Hinterland Cycles
Alligt Alleweder KV4 from Hinterland Cycles

I used Mount Owen as a model, yep the one just up past Irwin Lodge.  It could use some work, but I believe the idea is a sound one.  The badge is supposed to be something refined and special.  Something between a bicycle head badge and a automobile hood ornament.

3 thoughts on “Hinterland

  1. I Love IT! PS Try Blue Mesa Lumber…I always see a ton of pallets in back of there.

    1. Oh yea Jenn, I did. They had two pretty broken up ones near the sign that says they’re for free. They had already closed otherwise I would have stopped in to ask them if there was a regular time the put them out. B&B printing (right near the house) has a bunch too and I believe that they give them out too. Monday I’ll have a better idea.

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