Oh Crap

Just found this post:

Mitek Anchor Problems
I am curious if there are any TMJ Mitek Anchor patients experiencing problems following their implant. I was informed that there are concerns of increased Mitek Anchor patient problems including bone resorption, pain, decreased ROM, and developing sensitivity problems.

I have endured all of these complications and had the Miteks removed and replaced with TMJ Concepts implants. I am now experiencing complications with the prostheses including ROM at 5mm, allergic to metals in prostheses, and increased pain. I also had a foreign body reaction to testing metals my surgeon placed in my arm to test for sensitivities to the metals.

I have no idea what this means, I’m still trying to figure out what the damn things are made out of. I did however find this which shows an image of one.

Its pretty much a wall anchor that they stick into your bone (I knew that). I know that at least one of these things broke and everything but the anchor came out of my foot (I can recall this vividly because I woke up in the surgery and the surgeon).

Wait I just found the composition of the anchor in that medical text, “titanium alloy: titanium, nickel, aluminum, and vanadium”.

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